Monday, July 11, 2011


My recent foray into the world of crafts has produced decidedly mixed results. Behold the folk art bird.

This poor little guy died just to avoid being mishandled by me any further, and he constituted my second attempt. Also, my sewing machine caught some of his wing; he ended up with a flipper rather than a wing, so I've nicknamed him "Nessie." (Loch Ness monster, whom you never hear a peep about these days). He could also be a primeval half fish half reptile creature emerging from the primordial slime to land on my Raymour & Flanagan sofa.
My first bird, being handsewn, suffered a bird lobotomy. colostomy, and tracheotomy, which is to say he oozed stuffing. No one told me that sewing a 3-dimensional object would be so hard! So I tried my hand at a 2-dimensional nature scene to hang on my daughter's wall.

Much better! In case it isn't obvious, this rich tapestry depicts a wily fox half-hidden by tall grasses as he stalks a neighborhood chicken (off-tapestry). Large snowflakes fall in the light of a full moon. Oddly, the flakes resemble bits of moon, and remnants of dried glue dot the grasses. It's best to simply suspend disbelief to appreciate this scene. I can almost envision the spying Polonius eavesdropping behind this noble arras! If he were 12 inches tall, that is.

Note on my first bird: I used cheap flannel. Maybe this, paired with my rudimentary sewing skills, resulted in the fraying?

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  1. Nice job Aisha! I have added you to my blog reading list :)