Saturday, July 9, 2011

Embrace the Negative

My baseline is negative. Some people have a Pollyanna outlook that colors their every experience. At the very least, they do not let flat tires and whining children get them down. Me? I am the muppet banging his head on the keyboard. Ouch. My only saving grace is my sense of humor. Since I was very young, my cynicism has always been a rich source of humor. It has kept me from completely succombing to the grouchy dark side.

Children, however, do not appreciate the humor that is borne from extreme annoyance. The semi-Pollyanna outlook is definitely preferred. The only individuals who can pull this off successfully are Mormons, for whom I have much respect. Did you know that all kids at heart are staunch conservatives? They want their parents to be together; they crave regular meals; routines are comforting rather than boring. Unlike most conservatives, however, children are optimists. They are without cynicism. I have been a conservative all my life.

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