Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feeling down? Sew a Napkin...or Three

Since my harrowing encounter with my cute but fierce shoulder bag (which I beat to a pulp before our reconciliation), I have decided to stick to two-dimensional, smaller projects. Like...napkins. We don't have any napkins at my home, so this project will be put to actual use. Yes, unlike the pillow and light summer blanket I made for my daughter's plastic pigs and clownfish, the napkins can be used by human beings.

The rather long pink napkin protects the lap area from greasy bits of falling food, whereas the smaller yellow macaroni-wheel design allows one to delicately dab the mouth from time to time without looking like Henry VIII. Thank you, Spool fabric store on 19th and South Streets for your fabulous array of fat quarters!

Handmade napkins make very nice holiday gift (guess what my relatives are getting this year). I also find that making them lowers my stress levels! It takes about 30 minutes each from start to finish.
I always drop bits of food in my lap.
Smaller napkins look better folded. For neater people.

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