Friday, July 22, 2011

Master of the Burp Cloth

Fat Quarters: Not a neighborhood in New Orleans.
But of the grocery tote bag? Not so much. To the left are a few Fat Quarters I picked up at Spool, my local fabric & sewing store extraordinaire. I think they call them that because they are about one-quarter of a yard. Turns out they are the perfect size for, among other things, burp cloths.

A burp cloth is a multipurpose, reusable wipe for drool and baby spit up as well as a nursing cover up if you're playing it discreet. This was much easier and faster than sewing a baby blanket, and it's fun to play with the Fat Quarters to see which colors and patterns will go well together! Here are my first two.
Going to two new moms in Turkey.
Although my baby blanket was well received, I'm going to be focusing on burp cloths for the next couple of months. That's where the big bucks are!!

As for my first grocery tote effort--meh. I got to a certain step in the simple pattern, but then my brain could not wrap itself around the directions well enough to finish. This time, though, I did NOT bang my head against any wooden objects, opting instead to sew my finger to the shoulder strap as punishment. Now THAT'S progress.

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