Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pie, Tee-Shirts and Napkins

This weekend I made a blueberry pie; two napkins; and a tee-shirt bag!
The pie that almost alarmed the fire department
The blueberry syrup dripped in the oven, creating plumes of smoke. I heard sirens in the distance, but fortunately they were headed for a real fire somewhere else.

 Also on Saturday night I made a tee-shirt bag following directions from Vanilla Sky's crafty blog. The shirt was too tight but has a neat Asian-y pattern that is quite appealing. I sewed gussets in the bottom to make it more boxy and less sack like.

"S'alright? S'alright!"
Sewing a napkin, step by step. By step 3 you should end up with a Senor Wenceslas mouth. If you don't know who that is, go on YouTube. A man smeared some lipstick on his hand and made it talk in the voice of Charo. The hand even had a wig! Comedy has come a long way since the 1970s, for sure.

Don't get too close; it might bite
I also finally beat my bag into submission. My bag's safety word was "backstitch." The directions were sketchy, in my opinion, so I winged it after obtaining outside assistance. My initial experience was so traumatic, I am not sure I will even use it.
Sew around all sides, right sides facing.

Dinner is served
After turning napkin right side out, sew around all sides again,
 this time closing mouth.
Cut corners

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