Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Practice Your Drunken Sewing

It's time to retire my idol, Don Music, who expected to hit all the right notes on the first try. Practice, Don, practice! I finished my first big sewing project last night, a big baby blanket for my friend Charlotte. Rhys Williams hopefully will debut August 11, when he will begin his life preparing to take over the future empty space left by Hugh Grant. Does his name not sound like a British actor poised to star in every BBC period piece production?

First, I basted my two contrasting fabrics (wrong sides facing each other) and cotton batting. After another hour of trying to keep my seam allowance aligned with my machine's needle, I had a blanket.
Blanket after adding zigzag decorative stitich around border; only slightly askew.

What has my first baby blanket taught me? The same lesson Don Music's head lumps do.
After two hours and some swear words, voila.
You aren't going to get better at anything if you spend all your extra time beating yourself up or comparing yourself to Martha Stewart. It isn't perfect; the tell-tale signs of drunken sewing are there, though I was 100% sober. It is really hard to keep a decorative border stitch straight through three layers of fabric. After I crank out a few burp cloths, though, I just may straighten myself--and my zigzags--out.

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