Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Edition 2011

During this especially festive time of year, I like nothing better than to hole up with my sewing machine while my children dismantle the kitchen cabinets. As they develop their independent play skills, I happily busy myself with making whimsical but practical gifts: tote bags; felted coffee cozies; and Velcro pouches that hold anything and everything from pacifiers to popcorn.

There are babies on the horizon (not mine, thank goodness), so I’m also making gifts—crinkly soft baby blocks and baby leg warmers from women’s socks. And the toddler pillow is hot this year: use as a huggably discreet teddy bear substitute; throw a couple on your sofa for a pop of color; leave one on the sofa to rest your head as you recline. Have a really lame pillow fight in which no one gets hurt but each party is mildly annoyed!

I did my fabric shopping at Spool and for cotton webbing (straps), upholstery weight fabric, and seasonal fare featuring pine cones on snow laden branches and a creepily cute Santa Claus who appears to be strong arming a reindeer.

Here’s a nifty gift idea via the Purl Bee: Tuck a Starbucks gift card into a coffee cozy and give to your favorite teacher (or private tutor). It’s also a welcome sight peeping out of the top of your significant other’s stocking.
Baby leg warmers make great toddler ARM warmers. These cost $1.00 to make.

Another satisfied customer napping on a toddler pillow.
I wish I had some witty observations on life and a new alcoholic beverage to review, but alas this holiday season paired with my tutoring duties has SAPPED my brain and creative energy. My arduous sewing schedule doesn't help, either. I hope my few but faithful readers enjoy this cozy time of year & forgive me for my somewhat boring post!

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