Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dead Snow (2009)

What’s better than a zombie movie? A zombie movie with Nazis! Nazi zombies, that is. Picture it: Seven Norwegian medical students retreat to the mountains in the dead of winter (When is it not winter in Norway, anyway?), set against a Scandinavian pop and punk soundtrack. All except one, who went ahead of the rest but is mysteriously missing. An old timer advises them to “tread gently” because of the “evil presence” left by the occupying Nazis during World War II. Apparently these particular Nazis were more evil than their ordinary counterparts; they cruelly mistreated the Norwegian villagers and then stole all of their valuables. At some point the townspeople had had enough, rising up to kill as many of their tormentors as they could. The Nazi commander Colonel Herzog plus several of his men fled for the hills with gold and silver in tow. Instead of succumbing to the cold, they became zombies.

The gang finds a wooden box filled with gold coins and precious jewelry hidden under the floorboards where they were storing their beer. In this case the young people are not being punished for their sexual desires but for the bravery of their forefathers. The Nazis want the gold, for sure, but being zombies they are out for a bit of live disembowelment, too. This horror-comedy features very focused, fleet-of-foot zombies; no lurching about like The Walking Dead. The students fight back heroically as they arm themselves appropriately with scythes, chainsaws, and sabers. This film is not for the faint hearted. Gird yourself for plenty of blood and guts! With subtitles.

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