Monday, February 10, 2014

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't?

The newest member of my family is green and yellow. He, like the other smaller people in the household, so far refuses to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, preferring instead to nibble on seeds and sprigs of millet. And he craps on his toys and everything else that comes his way.

You guessed it! He's a bird. My husband Tim named him Mr. Keets, a variation on parakeet, but presently his gender is in question. You see, the only way to sex a bird--that I know of, anyway--is by the color of their cere, the nares above their beak. Males have blue ceres, whereas females have white to brownish ceres. Mr. Keets is a young man; the ceres of all young'uns are blue until they turn.

What are YOU lookin' at?
Today I noted that Mr. Keets may be a Miss Keets, given that his cere is looking a little less blue than before. The feminist inclinations of parakeets will probably lead to our referring to her as "Mizz" (Ms.) Keets, so there goes the neighborhood. One cute thing about our genderless friend is that it eats millet out of my hand already, which is a sign of great trust. One not so cute thing? I've had to dismantle his cage already to wash it in a 10% bleach solution on account of his far-flung poop. For some reason I pictured rabbit pellet-like deposits rather than the stuff you find on your car.

No matter what the gender, I admit that I am already in love with the bird, mainly because whatever I take care of, I end up loving. My dog, kids, husband, and eyebrows are living proof of this adage.

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