Monday, October 27, 2014

Tasty BBQ Is People


Talk about inserting a spoiler right off the bat! This episode has grossed out even the most hardened zombie watching lovers, as you shall see in the final paragraph of this summation...

Rick speaks with Tara (?), the lesbian from last season who’s traveling with Ginger and Co. Tyreese and Carol are chatting but I can’t hear them over my parakeets tweeting and chitchatting loudly. They want to mate in the worst way. Sasha! That’s Tyreese sister’s name. I remember. Slo-mo marching of the group armed with semi-automatic weapons.

Nighttime, by a campfire. Rick has a heart to heart with Carol. She gives him the watch she found, doesn’t appear to be Glenn’s. Daryl and Carol sit guard together. They hear something, cue the spooky music….and cut to the dark intro.

Daytime again! Daryl seems to have gone hunting to provide the gang with pulled squirrel sammiches. Bob the alcoholic and Sasha are a cute couple…but for how long? I’m just waiting for something horrible to happen. A man of the cloth is screaming for help. A priest, perhaps? A bunch of walkers are grasping at his dangling feet. Rick and co. The man vomits, feels better, intros himself. His name is Gabriel. The group eyes him suspiciously, in spite of his collar. He asks for food. Baby J coos. Rick stares the man down. Gabe says he has a church. Rick starts to ask him his famous three questions…how many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? What have you done?

Gabe giving Rick his best "earnest" expression.

Gabriel leads to group, presumably to his church. His lame attempt at a joke falls flat. The zombie apocalypse is no joking matter, people! Rick enters the church, bearing his usual arms. It seems ok. Just deserted, of course. The gang checks out the bibles left open, journals, and other religious affiliated items left about. The reverend—it’s an Episcopalian church—seems to have been surviving on canned foods from the annual canned food drive of the church. It must have been some canned food drive, because it’s been quite a long time since the dawn of the apocalypse.

Ginger is still intent on getting Eugene to Washington DC so he can institute the cure for zombieism. Rick, Sasha and Bob are going to take Gabriel to kill off about a dozen walkers as they search for more food. Carl says that “Everybody can’t be bad,” with regard to Gabe. Rick wants Carl and Tyreese to stay behind and remain ever alert. Carl wants Rick to remember that it’s ok to still help people and not be super-suspicious all the time. But someone needs to be the watchdog, right? And who better than Rick?

Gabriel takes them to the building, or rather the complex of buildings. Looks almost like an abandoned neighborhood. Bob talks to Rick about Ginger’s (Abraham’s) mission. Bob wants to go on to DC, whereas Rick is hesitant. Carol and Daryl are toting water. Carol doesn’t want to talk about the past. Daryl wants to start over, a fresh slate for Carol.

Glenn finds some silencers at a gun shop. Rick, Gabriel and Co. arrive at the food bank. Rick enters with his gun raised, of course. The basement appears to be flooded and infested with smelly, wet walkers. Rick says they’re going in—to do what, I am not sure.

They try to use the shelving to block off the walkers. I can’t believe they actually ventured into that water. The rev is panicking and swimming away. He has no experience with walkers so I guess he doesn’t know what to do or how to act. A bespectacled female walker who resembles a librarian makes a beeline for Gabriel. At the last minute Rick saves his bacon. He should’ve just stayed near Michonne. Bob almost got it from an underwater walker! He seems ok after being saved from Sasha.

The gang has quite a haul of canned goods! They push their loot back to the church. Carl finds “YOU’LL BURN FOR THIS” scratched into the side of the church. Perhaps Gabe is not as good of a guy as he purports to be?

A veritable canned food feast ensues in the church. Ginger toasts to the survivors, but he exhorts them to be much more. Possibly pushing his trip to DC again. Carol has her eyes trained on the doors of the church. Eugene makes a pitch for getting to DC, where he claims it’s more fortified. Ginger even brings Baby J, who clearly represents the future, into his spiel. Perhaps mere survival isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rick says he’s in, and there’s a series of happy whoo-hoos, and yeahs. Bob and Sasha get lovey-dovey in the church pews. Waiting for something bad to happen, waiting for something bad to happen!

Rick apologizes to Gabriel for drinking all the communion wine. And no, Bob the Alcoholic did not partake, as far as I can tell. Rick says he’s hiding something. What is it? It better not hurt anyone, cause according to Rick’s rules, if that happens he’ll have to kill Gabe. Carol sneaks out to the abandoned car she and Daryl found earlier. A car zooms by, and Daryl is sure it’s the car that got Beth. They take off after it. Bob is creepily outside by himself, looking on at the church. He’s crying. Someone hits him on the head. Down goes Bob, bonked on the head by a dark figure wearing a hoodie.

Bob comes to, only to see Gareth, formerly of Terminus, now wandering the woods. Gareth tells Bob he’s only hunting, trying to survive. Gabe is looking at a photo of him and the walker, well a bespectacled lady who looks like the underwater walker that almost attacked him earlier. Gareth continues his boring speech, and we find out after the camera pans out that he is munching on Bob’s roasted leg! Ugh. He informs Bob that he tastes a lot better than he thought he would. Well, there’s one way to solve the post-apocalypse food shortage problem. Tasty BBQ is PEOPLE!
The moment when Bob realizes HE'S what's for dinner.

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