Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Testicle for Your Thoughts?

“Twice as Far”: Episode the 13th

Recap time: Everyone is safe for now. The Ginge has his sights set on a new GF, namely Sasha. Carol is doing some soul searching regarding her psychopathic nature. Maggie, hopefully, is no longer able to taunt us moms by sporting her skinny jeans due to her expanding belly. Episode 13 opens with jars of preserved fruit. It’s always about FOOD with these people! Two weeks ago, Carol was foraging in the woods for cookie ingredients. Now, we must endure lingering, borderline pornographic shots of the pantry.

By all appearances, life in Alexandria has returned to normal. I see Morgan, practicing Karate Kid moves with his broomstick. Eugene seems quite comfortable holding a semi-automatic. But, what’s this? Morgan behind bars? A repeat of the idyllic scenes I just witnessed? TWD is messing with our heads. Carol gets kissed by her favorite cookie lover. Rosita dons her tight jacket, and has found a new bed partner! It’s Spencer, the Mayor’s worthless—but apparently sexy—son. Carol and Daryl sit together on the stairs to chat. Daryl wants to know what the Survivors who kidnapped Carol and Maggie did to them. Nothing, Karol replies kryptically, and walks away.

The loop resumes, but with a few differences. Carol is chain smoking and playing with her rosary. Thank you for that headache-inducing introduction, TWD film editors.

Spencer invites Rosita to a one-person potluck, but she’s not into it. Beef stroganoff! Denise the MD spotted a possible drugstore. She wants to tag along with Rosita and Daryl on a supply run. Must be feeling her oats after hanging out with the Wolf and operating on Karl’s krazy eye. Daryl’s driving stick, with which he’s not familiar. Lots of lurching. Denise provides helpful hints. A fallen tree branch is blocking the road, so Daryl and Rosita get out of the truck to investigate, leaving Denise in the truck. Daryl claims it will be faster to walk. They split up and follow the train tracks. The MD tags along with Daryl. Rosita is solo. When they reach the strip mall, Daryl knocks on the doors: Anyone home? Perhaps a few customers are browsing the shelves for hemorrhoid cream or some much-needed maxi pads, Daryl?

The Ginge & Eugene are scouting a possible location for ammunition production. Eugene calls “dibs” on an armored walker that ambles by. He fails. The Ginge intervenes, but Eugene asserts that he doesn’t need the Ginge to protect him anymore. Ginge leaves without him, because, hey, Eugene wants to spread his wings and flyyyyy! Instead of getting all sentimental about the baby bird leaving the nest, Ginge is disgusted.

Back at the “apothecary,” which appears to be more of a knick-knack store, the intrepid trio browses around in the darkness with their flashlights. There is an actual pharmacy section. Daryl and Rosita jimmy it open. However, something spooky this way comes. A faint but persistent knocking is on the other side of the wall. Denise approaches the source slowly, but is she ready to kill? Beyond the wall she finds an empty baby’s bassinet, assorted boxes, and a female zombie splayed on the floor with its leg in a partial cast. Did I mention the sink filled with fetid blood? Something did not go well back here. Horrified, Denise leaves in a hurry. She waits for the others, crying.

Daryl gives Denise a solid for locating the pharmacy, but Rosita notes that the MD is not ready for zombie prime time. Denise shares with Daryl that she had a twin named Dennis. She remembers him as “angry and dangerous.” The three of them walk back along the train tracks as the sun sets. Abandoned cars litter the periphery. Denise steps away from the others to peer into one of the cars. Why would you do that, Denise? There’s a very angry walker trapped inside. Evidently she sees a cooler inside that the MD thinks MIGHT have an item of use inside. Ignoring Daryl’s instructions to skip it, Denise opens the car door, the walker falls on top of her (naturally), and the others hear the kerfuffle. They reach her in time, but she insists on doing it herself. Well played, Denise! Then, she barfs. The cooler contains a six-pack of soda. Score! Totally worth it.

Daryl is pissed. Rosita calls her stupid. What is Denise trying to prove? She launches into a lengthy, psychobabble explanation of why she behaved like a complete idiot. Just as I fight the feeling to jump into the episode and poke her with something sharp, Denise gets an arrow right through her eyeball. O, sweet irony! It’s as if someone in the show knew how irritated I was. I certainly was not hoping the community’s only physician would get knocked off; I simply wanted her to be quiet.

Alexandria is officially down one lesbian doctor. 

 Rosita and Daryl are surrounded by a group of armed men. The one roughly holding Eugene is the same scraggly piece of crap that Daryl could have killed a while back, the young man who was traveling with waif-like diabetic girl and other non-descript chick. He dares Daryl to say something now. Daryl is silent, per usual. But he knows he should have killed Scraggles when he had the chance. The Ginge is lurking in the background, unseen. Scraggles real name is “Dwight,” but I prefer my moniker. I think he may have used Daryl’s crossbow to kill Denise.

Scraggles and Co. want to go to Alexandria, take whatever and whomever they please, and then leave. I have a feeling his plan does not involve leaving any survivors behind. Eugene pipes up to offer the Ginge in his stead. He reveals the Ginge’s hiding location. Really dumb or really smart. The Ginge has disappeared, it seems. Smart! As Scraggles turns his head to see the Ginge, Eugene bites him right in the balls. Or right in the penis. In either case, a highly uncomfortable situation for Scraggles. Good show, Eugene! A bit of levity lightens the tension.

So close, so tempting! A testicular taste sensation awaits.

 Ginge mows down a few; Eugene’s jaws continue their pit bull-like grip on Scraggles, who is immobilized; and Daryl and Rosita hold their own against walkers and human bad guys alike. Scraggles escapes—slightly less fertile—with several of his compatriots. Eugene is shot in his side. Rosita tries to staunch the bleeding. Daryl and the Ginge carry Eugene off. Denise is still very dead. One has to wonder if all this would have occurred had the MD not been so determined to prove her mettle.

Eugene is back in Alexandria. He’s alive, but poorly. He notes that his ostensible betrayal was strategic, lest the Ginge thinks that Eugene was giving up his location in a mean spirited way. Understood, affirms Ginge. He marvels at Eugene’s dick-chomping abilities.

Daryl and Carol wordlessly bury Denise on the grounds of the housing complex. Carol sez, yeah, you prolly should have killed Scraggles when you had the chance. Carol’s new boyfriend gets a Dear John note. She provides an alternative to the “it’s not you, it’s me” explanation: instead, she writes that there will always be another threat to our survival. She writes that she can’t love anyone, so she’s leaving. Morgan gazes in the direction of Carol’s swinging, empty porch swing. She has also left an ashtray filled to the brim with cigarette butts.

Will Carol be back? Where is she going? Is there a Lands End outlet in the vicinity? Many questions, but only one answer remains. Carol has collapsed under the weighty responsibility of being a killing machine. It may not come as naturally to her as one would think. Next week: the season starts to wrap up. Luckily, fans of the franchise will not be left hungry for long, because the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead will soon return, and you can read my meticulous updates here.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Two Gingers Too Many

“The Same Boat”: Episode the 12th

Carol and Maggie have been kidnapped. It’s safe to say that this is Maggie’s fault, because if she had any sense she would have remained in Alexandria. Being newly pregnant means it’s time to get comfy on the couch, put your dang feet up, and make yourself an endless plate of nachos laden with melted Velveeta and sprinkled with spicy jalapeno slices. At least, that’s what I did, in between bouts of nausea.

Instead, Maggie tried to resume her usual schedule of killing people and running serpentine in the forest. Carol called her out at the wrong place and at the wrong time, and now both of them are being held hostage by…a female Neeganite. Plus, some scratchy-voiced senior citizens along for the ride.

After the red-headed (God help us, another Ginger!) ringleader and her cohorts have Carol and Maggie in their clutches, they spy Rick tackling the Survivor that tried to escape via motorcycle. “We’ve got a Carol and a Maggie, and I’m thinking that’s something you want to chat about.” Rick wants to trade baldy (Primo) for the two women. The older man wants Primo back, but Red is not so sure. She’s gonna have to get back to you later, mmkay? Perhaps a sternly worded email is in order? A testy Instant Message?

Oh no she didn't! Meet the second Ginge, Carol's foil.

Carol and Maggie are wearing black hoods. Red binds their wrists with duct tape and they are gagged as well. They drive to a “safe house” of sorts, where Red continues to threaten them with an “I’m in charge now” attitude. Unlike Carol’s very real, very frightening quietly effective domination tactics, her words feel hollow. Red runs off to deal with distant noises. Carol seems to be having a panic attack, but knowing her this is probably a ruse. Just a minute ago she was rooting around in one of the many pockets in her cargo pants for something sharp, no doubt. Maggie notes that she’s hyperventilating.

The gag is removed. Awww, Carol was trying to retreive her rosary. She’s portraying herself as a spiritual woman. Carol the mouse. Carol reveals to Red that Maggie is pregnant, which is either really stupid or Carol has a clever plan. Red is not a fan of babies, whom she describes as “bite-sized snacks for the dead.”

Coughy-coughmeister lights up a cigarette. Judging by her voice, this is an action with which she is highly familiar. She and the younger woman are left alone in the room with Maggie and Carol. Old lady coughs up blood. Carol secretly enjoys the secondhand smoke. The gray-haired older man with the injured arm (kourtesy of Karol) is doing badly; he thinks Primo could fix it. Maggie urges Red to hurry up and negotiate already.

Injured Guy is not too happy about Carol’s relatively healthy state. He backhands Red. Maggie trips him. He confronts her but she head butts him. Red regains her composure and hits Injured Guy. Maggie undergoes interrogation: Where is your home base? Carol, meanwhile, thanks Red for helping Maggie. Her “poor wittle me” campaign seems to be working, as Red dismisses her as “pathetic.” Carol kontinues to play with her rosary beads.

Maggie and Single White Female Captor opens up to Maggie about her past. Maggie pretends to sympathize, but Single isn’t buying it. She just wants the name and location of the idyllic place that Maggie calls home. Rick contacts Red via the walkie talkie. She balks at the trade. Coughy-coughmeister reminds Carol that “your people killed mah people,” “mah people” being Neegan’s merry band of scumbags. Carol retorts that the Survivors were attacking Rick and Co.

Carol bums a cigarette from Coughy. Aaah, the pause that refreshes! Carol puffs and thinks, and puffs and thinks. Red recounts her past life as a subservient secretary (ahem, I mean executive assistant) whilst Carol silently ponders her present life as a psychopath. Red killed her boss because he was weak. “I’m me, but better,” she affirms. Carol tells Red that she will die unless she works this out. Is that a threat, or a promise? Ugh, this episode is slow AND enigmatic!

Red reaches out to Rick (a.k.a. “Asshole,” his lesser known moniker). She instructs him to meet her at a field to make the exchange. Karol kries a little. Coughy and Red leave her. Carol finishes freeing herself and is on the move. She comes across Coughy (Molly), but Coughy doesn’t see her. Reunited with Maggie, Carol frees her and they embrace.

For some reason, they return to Injured Guy, who’s lying face up on the floor looking a little green around the gills. He’s dead, and Maggie notes that he’s turning. An “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” moment occurs between the two female bad asses, who proceed to tie Injured Man (soon to be walker) to a pipe so that he may surprise Coughy when she opens the door. Yum, a smoky snack!

Maggie surprises Coughy. She stabs her in the head repeatedly. Red returns to Kaptive Karol’s room to find…no one. I see Red, and she look mad. Look out!

Carol and Maggie find a blockade of immobilized walkers intended to keep them from escaping. Red turns up. Do you know what I’ve done, blah de blah blah. Carol has the chance to shoot Red, but she balks. Maggie is dumbfounded. Single Female captor bumps into Maggie, slashing her belly. Maggie bleeds. Karol rounds the korner with a gun—Blam! Goodbye, Single White Female! We knew ye long enough.

Red is on the floor. She stands up. Carol can shoot her, again. She waits too long, of course, and mano-a-mano combat ensues. Red ends up as a tasty, ginger-infused treat for a hungry walker. Carol lures a few of Neegan’s men into a room known as the “Kill Floor,” where they are burned to death with a flick of her lit cigarette and copious amounts of gasoline.

Maggie and Glenn are reunited. Daryl hugs Carol. Maggie gives up. Primo is alone. And bald, very bald. Primo IDs himself as Neegan. Rick promptly shoots him in the temple. Kontemplative Karol remembers Red’s scary warning that “We are all Neegan.” In short, there are probably more Survivors Rick and Co. will have to contend with. Also, what the heck is the difference between Paula (Red) and Carol? Carol bakes better cookies.

After a few sluggish episodes, life is finally heating up for our intrepid antiheroes. The next episode features the other Ginger; zombies trapped in cars; and Fr. Gabriel strolling across a bridge whilst carrying his signature semiautomatic.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

You Ain't the Last Woman on Earth, Dingle-Berry

“Not Tomorrow Yet”: Episode the Eleventh

Brief recap: Jesus is no savior, but he is not as big of a deebag as once thought. Michonne and Rick are an item. Rick and Maggie consider merging with another group of survivors, but only if said group gives Alexandria half of all their supplies, including food.

Speaking of food, when did Carol get her own cooking show? The 11th episode opens with a jolly tune as Carol scours the pantry and the forest for tasty gourmet goodies. Water chestnuts? Snails? A female zombie wearing a nightgown interrupts her foray. Smackdown! Then, a recently showered Carol rummages through her clothes closet to find the perfect outfit. After donning her usual Lands End cardigan and khakis, she distributes big cookies to her neighbors. The beets make them sweet, and the acorns make them nutty. Kind of like Karol.

Rick’s Winnebago pulls up. He informs a puzzled Carol about the impending battle with Neegan’s people. Morgan sidles up with a broomstick. He wonders why she didn’t tattle about their knock-down drag out fight over the Wolf. After a disgusted Carol walks away, the camera pans to little Sam Anderson’s grave, he of the 1920s, quavering music. Carol has left one of her signature beet cookies in front of his marker. Awwwwww. He did enjoy her baked goods. I guess she felt bad about scaring him with her talk about monsters that would come to get him one day, which they in fact did.

Back at the Homeowner’s Association meeting, Rick shares news of Neegan. They also don’t have a lot of food. He wants to get everyone on board with the plan. Morgan is convinced, though he doesn’t want to kill anyone. He prefers talking first, naturally. His fellow townspeople are not convinced. Rick says, kool! We kill. All of them.

Carol updates a cryptic diary. Glenn and Maggie drink many cans of an unidentified beverage that could not possibly be alcohol; O’Douls, perchance? Carol enjoys a smoke. A man she shared her beet cookies with bums a puff. She’s ditched her June Cleaver attire and is wearing her usual bad-ass outfit of combat pants and long underwear shirt. He marvels at her strength, and also compliments her on her mad mom skillz. I have a feeling Carol is going to finally get some. The man leans in for a kiss, and she responds in kind. We are not privy to the presumably sweaty passion to follow.

The Ginge moves out of Rosita’s pad. He makes a lovely analogy with dingle-berries being brown before he points out that she is most def NOT the last woman on his horizon. Eugene shows up in her bedroom doorway munching on a burrito. Quite the ignominious break-up for Rosita. She was probably envisioning herself giving birth to Hispanic, red-headed babies in the near future. Huh; the autocorrect function in my Word program did not accept “dingleberries,” but “dingle-berries” was A-OK. Good to know!

Dr. Denise and GF Tara exchange tender words before Tara ships out with Team Rick. Hugs.  The informant from the Hilltop group is telling Rick and Co. what he knows about Neegan’s compound: How to get in? The enemy will let them in. Zombie Trojan horse. Rick in his Winnebago is followed by a phalanx of cars. Out steps Fr. Gabriel with a rifle slung across his shoulder. Rosita confronts Carol about not ratting Morgan out. Carol is chill; he doesn’t want to kill—so what? It’s pretty effed up that Maggie is fighting during her first trimester. I’m fairly certain that her OB-GYN has told her that fighting armed psychopaths is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Glenn is looking for a zombie head that kind of resembles the World’s Most Interesting Man (Gregory), because that is after all what Neegan wants: the Hilltop leader’s head on a platter. In the dark, this one might pass. Glenn tells his bespectacled comrade he’s nervous, right before he removes the zombie’s head.

Sounds like the group will have a lot of time to kill before the scheduled attack of the Saviors (Neegan’s colony, which seems to be comprised mostly of ex-members of motorcycle gangs) at midnight. Carol is disgusted that Maggie is even with them. Jesus surveys the three stand-in Gregory heads to select juuuuust the right one.

Neegan’s compound is bathed in red light. The Hilltop informant emerges from a car, bearing Gregory’s head in a paper bag as promised. The two guards inspect the head carefully. Andy the Informant looks like he’s gonna crap himself. They seem to have bought it. Guard one enters the building. Daryl slashes guard two’s neck. Guard one emerges with the Hilltop hostage they promised to exchange for the head. Slash, slash, Rick and Co. are in the compound.

What’s even more amazing than this daring heist is the fact that I am eating an entire bowl of Doritos in front of my Jack Russell terrier and he does not care. He’s sleeping. That, my friends, is impulse control. Either that, or he is just tired. Anyway, it is snooze city inside the compound. Glenn crouches down with a knife to start the king spree. He buries it in the guy’s head and…starts crying? What the hell, Glenn? These aren’t women and children, these are pissed off, subhuman men who keep Polaroids of their kills above their beds!

Fr. Gabriel confirms to Tara that yes, he is still a priest, a priest with a gun. Tara asks him for relationship advice. Boring! Not why we watch the show. Jesus pipes in from the backseat. Hey, she has a priest AND Jesus to consult. Pretty sweet.

The Ginge and his future GF Sasha fight a guy with ugly facial hair. Carol confronts Maggie in the woods. An alarm is blaring from Neegan’s compound. Maggie wants to help Glenn. Carol stands in her way, with a knife. Her inner mama lion flag is flying high.

Jesus covers his mouth and nose with a black bandana. Rick fires off his submachine gun. Neegan’s men are stabbed. More guns firing. The compound is a real snausage fest—not a woman to be seen. Glenn and his comrade lock themselves in a mini armory and shoot wildly at whomever is behind said door. When they open it up, there’s a pile of dead bodies. Jesus finishes off the lone survivor in the pile-up. Bad Jesus.

Fr. Gabriel trains his rifle at a 50-ish man lying on the ground. He can’t help but deliver a few choice bible quotes. He’s waiting too long. Nope, he manages to squeeze off a shot and finishes with an “Amen.”

It’s daytime. Neegan’s compound is quiet. Morgan is welding. The Winnebago drives away. Rick swaggers through the grass. A Savior tries to escape on a motorcycle, but Daryl shoots him and then pins him to the ground. A female voice comes over the walkie-talkie that fell out of the Savior’s pocket. She has Carol and Maggie. Is the mysterious voice a Savior? A rogue Hilltopian? Or just a stone-cold bitch? We shall have to wait until next week to find out.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

You've Got a Friend in Jesus

“Knots Untie”: Episode the Tenth

Ugh, so many bad Jesus jokes last week! But you can hardly blame me. TWD introduced a Jesus character—sort of—and I just went with it. He’s no Christ figure, though. More of a dippy hippie, if you ask me. After somehow getting past Daryl and another guard, Jesus ends up in Rick and Michonne’s den of passion as they lay in flagrante delicto on a soiled futon! Does the romance ever start? Hey, everyone, it’s Jesus, the ultimate cock block. “Rick,” he whispered, unflinching even as a startled Michonne brandishes her katana and Rick draws his gun, “We have to talk.”

Episode 10 opens with the Ginge and Sasha strolling through the gates. He makes her laugh, and we laugh along with them. One yearns for a little levity in this “Brave New World.” How does Ginger keep his flat top so flat? The Ginge finds out that his partner Sasha is going to be replaced by Eugene. So long, workplace romance…Cut to a sweaty scene of Rosita and Abraham (Ginger) cuddling in bed naked. However, his thoughts wander back to the lovely Sasha.

Night. Maggie the fertile farmer is preoccupied with planting crops, and Glenn agrees that this is a capital idea. A sudden movement across the street diverts their attention, as does some spooky music. Jesus has entered Rick’s house in his customary, totally non-creepy way. Karl with a K trains his gun on him. Jesus has already cased the joint. He appreciates being brought back to Alexandria. He claims he hails from a community much like Rick’s. Why not come for a visit? “Your world’s about to get a whole lot bigger,” he promises. Yet is this what our embattled group needs right now? Expand or die. They need more badasses.

Rick mulls over the possibilities of enhancing the gene pool via Jesus’ promises of more humans. If they are murderous, psychopathic humans with annoying facial hair, however, perhaps they are better off with their present slim pickins. In the truck, Glenn rests his hand on Maggie’s tummy. Ginge has some enigmatic questions for Glenn regarding procreation, but he couches it in term of pouring Bisquick and making pancakes. Ginge questions the sagacity of making little humans when the world has gone to crap. Glenn responds that they are simply thinking of the future.

A truck that seems to have been driven by walkers lies overturned at the side of the road. Either that, or the truck ran over a couple of zombies and they got pinned inside of it. Jesus wants a gun so he can help his people, who may be in trouble inside a nearby house. Rick says sure, and while you’re at it, tell me another good joke. Rick handcuffs Jesus, who is still sporting his grubby watchman’s cap, in case he’s playing another trick. Rick instructs Maggie to shoot Jesus if his suspicions prove correct.

Upon entering the house, one hears the dulcet tones of snarling walkers. Jesus’ friends are cornered. One man refuses to leave with Rick’s people, claiming he’s still looking for his friend who was hurt in the crash. The group hightails it outta there with Harlan, a doctor. He happens to be an obstetrician, so I guess Maggie just found the right guy to deliver her baby. A man named Freddy, on the other hand, is PTSDing it up in the truck.

The wheels spin in the Georgia mud. But Jesus says, no prob, we’re here, at “The Hilltop.” A standoff occurs between Rick’s armed group and the armed lookouts guarding the gates. Jesus vouches for Rick, and Open Sesame. The Hilltop looks a lot like another fancy gated community slightly worse for the wear. Trailers surround a living-history house-museum called Barrington House. There are crops and even farm animals.

Inside the house, a man named Gregory, sort of a poor man’s version of the Most Interesting Man in the World, asks Rick to take a shower. After everyone goes upstairs to wash up, the Ginge probes Daryl for the skinny on Rick and Michonne “bumping uglies.” Uh, Daryl isn’t exactly one to yenta it up, so he ignores him.

Gregory and Maggie have a convo in his office. She’s curious about the origins of the community. He fishes for info regarding guns and medications. Gregory knows that Alexandria is wanting, but he’s willing to give them a leg up by putting them to work. Maggie wants to trade. Gregory says nah, we’re good.

Jesus’ hair totally looks like a wig. With all the money put into zombie special effects, one would think they could throw a few bucks into the fake hair fund. Trouble raises its ugly head in the form of one Neagan, whom you will recall as the guy who steals from other survivors. A group of Hilltopians return with bad news for Gregory: Neagan wasn’t happy with their recent offering and killed a few of their own in retaliation. Then the messenger stabs Gregory, because Neagan asked him to. Rick tackles the attacker, and in the melee Ginge is strangled by a beefy guy. Rick is also pinned by a guy holding a knife to his throat, but someone intervenes and slices the guy’s throat. “Ethan,” however, had fans, angry Hilltopians who are mad he’s dead. Jesus intervenes on Rick’s behalf.

Ethan was a douchenozzle, he asserts. The Alexandrians stopped his cowardly rampage. The lack of oxygen to the Ginge’s brain has induced an epiphany. Gregory doesn’t share his euphoric state. He’s still lying prone and gurgling.

During a cozy sit-down with Jesus in the fancy main house, Jesus details Neagan’s long history of intimidation and confrontation with the Hilltop group. Half of everything goes to Neagan’s people. In exchange, they don’t kill the Hilltopians. Daryl pipes up that this is some bullshit right here; why not just kill all of Neagan’s people? But the Hilltop dwellers are farmers and workers, not killers. Jesus takes the proposal to Gregory, who then requests that he wants to speak to Maggie.

Gregory is ensconced in covers sitting up in a solid wooden bed. Fancy. Maggie says she’ll take care of Neagan and get the kidnapped Hilltopian Greg back IF he shares his supplies. Jesus will make it happen. Maggie notes that without ammunition and badasses, Gregory’s people are finished; she asks for half, just like Neagan At least it’s not a totally bad deal.

Rick asks beefy guy for intel on Neagan’s compound. Jesus wants to tag along. Michonne and Rick are ready to fight. Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie have their first OB-GYN appointment, complete with ultrasound, when they catch a glimpse of their itty-bitty baby. They pass the resulting picture around. The Ginge lingers on the photograph and cracks a smile. And that’s the end of a somewhat disappointing episode! In sum, for now, you have a friend in Jesus. Glenn is a good husband for tagging along with Maggie to her first prenatal. And who knows how the Ginge was affected by his recent lack of oxygen.